United Airlines Change Flight can be a valuable option for those travelers who want to make last-minute modifications to their plans. The airline offers the utmost flexibility to passengers and lets them change their itinerary at any point in time.

However, whether or not you have to pay a fee to change your flight depends on where you are flying and the type of ticket. Wondering how to make changes to your existing booking? Scroll down the page and find all the instructions associated with the United Airlines flight change policy. Let's get into it.

What is United Airlines Change Flight Policy?

United Airlines offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to allowing you to change your flight. Below are the terms and conditions of the United Airlines Change Flight policy. Let's have a look.

  • Your change fees will be waived if you are traveling on Economy, Economy Plus, or a premium cabin ticket for flights between the US and Mexico, domestic flights within the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, flights between the US and Caribbean, and international flights originating in the US.
  • Travelers flying on a Basic Economy Ticket can't modify their flights unless they upgrade to Economy or a premium cabin first.
  • If you've opted for the airline's 24-hour policy, you can modify your United Airlines Booking within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket without additional charges. However, you must book your flight at least one week in advance.
  • Passengers can change their flight as many times as they want without charges. Nonetheless, they must pay the fare differences while changing the flight.

How to Change United Airlines Flight?

Travelers can change their United Airlines flight either by visiting the airline's official website or using the United app. Here's how to do so.

  • Launch the United Airlines' official website and navigate to My Trips.
  • Click “Change Flight” and “Edit” to update your booking.
  • Finally, choose a new flight according to your preferences.

Alternatively, you can also make changes to your flight over the phone. Contact United Airlines en Español Telefono and share your itinerary details to complete the modifications. If you are at the airport, you can ask an agent or use the kiosk to change your bookings.

Important Points to Note

  • Passengers must remember that their new flight has the exact departure and arrival airport.
  • The new flight must leave within 24 hours before or after your original flight departure.
  • When modifying your United Airlines Booking, ensure the new flight is operated by United or United Express.