We all wanna fly in our comfort! Though every one of us cannot afford the same services yet, there is a choice for some others who can buy snug. Let's go through the seta choice procedure and the types of seats that you can fly in on Flair with the best fees or charges available.

How to Make Flair Seat Selection?

There are three different ways to make Flair Airlines seat selection  You can choose any of the methods at your convenience.

Online Seat Selection

  • Visit the official website of Flair. 
  • Scroll and choose the My Booking option.
  • Fill in the confirmation code with the last name.
  • Go to Find My Trip.
  • Choose available seats and go Next.
  • Pay the additional charges for the seat selection.
  • Make the required payment, if any.
  • Get notified through mail.

Seat Selection By Customer Support

Call on the Flair Airlines teléfono español or in English to choose your seat. Give the booking ID and last name to the live agent and choose from the given options. Lock the seat through an agent and get notified through mail.

At the Airport

Go to the kiosk machine and follow the instructions to get the seat change through the automated machine. Make sure to reach the airport early on time to avoid queues.

Can I Choose My Seat For Free?

You can pick a seat for free with Flair through the self-check-in machine at the airport. But the drawback is that you can only pick the available or preferred seats on the flight.

What is the Policy of Choosing Seats in Advance with Flair?

If you are choosing seats in advance, you need to pay extra charges. You can also choose your seats at the time of web check-in. If you have any doubts or want to know more, you can call Flair Airlines teléfono español or in English to know about the policy.

How Much Does it Cost to Choose the Seat?

The cost to select the seat depends upon the type of seat you choose. 

Types of Seat

Cost($) with Tax

Standard Seats

10- 20 

Front Seats


Extra Legroom


Emergency Exit


Priority Boarding



Flair offers convenience and flexibility in choosing your own seat. Also, you get to choose the seat at affordable prices. Check out the fares on different websites before booking and making Flair Seat Selection to know about the best time to book a ticket at low fares. Happy Travels!